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Halfway through 2020.

What. A. Year. (so far)

These first six months have been so tough for so many and the worldwide pandemic we are navigating has so many people shook. Tonnes of fear, insecurity and grief are floating around in the ethers. Not to mention all the day-drinking, cookie-eating, Netflix-bingeing that is (or has been) happening in the last few months.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of negativity swirling around right now and those of us who are sensitive empaths have taken on our fair share of it.

So, with restrictions lifting and things re-opening, I feel it is time to tackle some of those negative thoughts and gear up for whatever is next. Personally, I am in need of a mindset shift and my physical body, which had just barely healed after the birth of my second daughter before quarantine began, is in need of some major love and acceptance.

Staying home during quarantine with two young girls while my husband worked full time was not easy (and is still a struggle), and I am in need of some restorative energy and positivity. My soul is craving it and many of my followers have confirmed their struggles as well with managing the heightened stress of this world and not gaining protective weight in the process.

Sound familiar?

If you’re looking for some TLC and some body love & acceptance in this social media-driven, comparative world, join me on my Instagram (or Facebook) page, @LisaDriver1111 for a free challenge this month.

This will not be a “workout” or an “eat clean” challenge, but rather a mindset shift challenge where we will work on sending some love and gratitude to our physical bodies and souls. Invite your friends who have been feeling low and tune in daily for uplifting reminders, affirmations, tips and more.

Check out the Youtube video below for an overview and watch your Instagram stories and my profile page for more.

See you there!



P.S. If you are looking for added inspiration, get my free “Quiet the Chaos” guided meditation here.