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Kids are the ultimate energy-sucks, and being a spiritual mama means keeping your energy as high as you can. Sometimes the stresses and demands of life with littles can feel too much.

If you can relate (and honestly, is there a mom out there who can’t?), try these three simple steps to boost your energy:

  1. Sleep

I get it, being a mom usually means navigating a sleep-deprived life. When things get busy, the necessary 7-8 hours of shut-eye your body needs gets bumped to the bottom of the priority list.

Yet sleep is a very simple and easy way to boost your energy. Think about it: if you are sleep deprived, simple tasks aren’t nearly as effortless and the all important multi-tasking that helps most moms survive usually suffers. I know I am also more impatient and bitchy when I am tired. On the flip side, a well-rested Lisa is more productive, more excited to show up for my kids and hubby, and just an all-around friendlier person.

How about you?

If you love your sleep but also cannot imagine going to bed at 10pm every night, how about a compromise? Plan out a couple nights a week to stay up late and get that oh-so-sacred alone time, then alternate those nights with nights where you get to bed at a decent hour. Your body will thank you!

  1. Stretch

Speaking of a grateful body, show your vessel some more love! If you are feeling stressed, bloated, grumpy, or just plain “blah”, take some time to stretch. Your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cells carry energy and can easily get bogged down with negativity and worries.

Try some yoga poses – my favourites are child’s pose, legs up the wall, or happy baby pose – and feel the tension melt away as you breathe deeply and give your body some attention, some oxygen, and some gratitude for all the amazing things it has done for you. Stretching while breathing deeply clears your energy field and helps you let go of anxiety.

You will instantly uplift your energy, feel stronger, leaner, and more grounded in your body. Stretching is also an important way to honour your body after a workout. Too many of us are so busy we finish our workout and forget to stretch. Stop it! Your muscles need that cool down, that love. In doing so, you are increasing your flexibility, your muscles’ strength and you are also lowering your risk of injury.

Take the five minutes to stretch and remind yourself that the benefits of that extra five minutes are long-lasting.

  1. Step outside

Fresh air is a proven mood-booster and sunshine is a necessity for humans. Our bodies run on vitamin D and those with deficiencies, (especially common during the late fall and winter months) are more likely to be depressed, sad, or angry. All low vibe emotions that we want to release.

So, if possible, get outside! Step outdoors and take a deep breath, even if you only have a minute. Nature has such healing powers and can absorb negative emotions very quickly. Even if you have to bundle up, try to get outside at least once a day. And if the weather is nice, savour it!

If getting outside isn’t an option, try taking vitamin D supplements or purchasing a vitamin D light. You can also bring nature inside, purchasing house plants or colourful flowers to brighten up your home. Simple ways to connect with the healing power of outdoors and feel your energy instantly lifted.


Now it’s your turn – what are your favourite ways to boost your energy/lift your mood?

Sending you big love,


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