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After many years of angel therapy, I have decided to shift gears a bit.⁣
I will still be sharing the power of intuition and self-care but focusing on a different application of all the spiritual tools I share in my books.
I have been struggling with how I can help bring some calm and healing light into the world right now, especially with such limited time as I raise my two young girls. How can I share what I have learned and the tools I am clinging to and help others get through this challenging time?
With fear and stress running rampant right now and the schools shut down, I have spent a lot of time reflecting and have been guided to shift my focus and help sensitive women develop a deep sense of worthiness and a daily attitude of gratitude. Or, as most of you who have followed me for a while will understand, an ABUNDANCE! mindset.
I will no longer be offering readings and instead be sharing uplifting and inspiring ways you can overcome your limiting thoughts and accept, embrace and celebrate all the good in your life (even amidst the craziest of times).
A big thank you to all of you who have helped me evolve and grow my spiritual healing business to this point where I feel I can take what I have learned and move towards my dream of becoming a workshop facilitator and motivational speaker.
I look forward to sharing my own journey as I continue to love myself and all this wonderful life offers each and every day.
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Big hugs,

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