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In my teachings, you’ll hear me refer to sensitive souls as “empaths” or “earth angels” or “intuitives”.

If you are new on your spiritual journey or new to this blog, you might wonder what the heck I am talking about?

Synchronicity and your curiosity has led you here, which means you will likely resonate with the description below.


New to my blog? If so, let me quickly introduce myself! My name is Lisa Driver and I am a spiritual healer, author, and mindset coach who helps sensitive, spiritual women stop people-pleasing and quiet their inner critic, building confidence as they take action towards their own dreams and desires. 


By addressing and healing the deep-rooted beliefs and reflections of lack, unworthiness, sacrifice, or martyrdom. Develop your intuition, deepen your presence, and build healthy boundaries so you can savour this moment, shine and inspire all those you love! 

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So what does intuitive mean?

What is an empath? What is an earth angel?

When I use that phrase and when you hear it used by other people, it’s usually referring to a very sensitive soul.

This soul is someone who picks up on emotions and is very perceptive to energies, whether it’s something that’s happening around them or something that’s happened before they’ve entered a room.

They are usually really, really good at picking up other people’s stuff.

Now, of course, this can be a benefit and it can also feel like a detriment, especially if you pick up things unconsciously.

Combine that with the tendency to people-please and help others (which almost all empaths I know have), and this is when being an empath can feel so very heavy.

Carrying energies, ideas, expectations, pain, and other emotions that are not “your own” can muddy up your own intuition and focus.

It can become extremely difficult to sort through all the feelings you are experiencing when you don’t know which are yours and which belong to the lady in front of you at the grocery store.

And that’s a key part of what this blog, my one-on-one and group coaching addresses: how to get rid of those heavy energies that maybe aren’t yours (and the ones that might be).

The other major thing my coaching and teachings address is the tendency that most empaths have to achieve.

If you are an empath, you know you are here to make a difference and to impact this world.

You want to inspire and heal the world, and this can sometimes mean you do whatever it takes to help.

Because of this, most empaths tend to get lost in the expectations of others and often don’t feel accepted, validated, or like you necessarily fit in this world.

This often shows up as a constant struggle to better yourself or to make new friends or to put yourself out there, or to come up with a new idea or a new way of doing things.

It feels very difficult to feel grounded in gratitude for this moment and the power that it has.

This can lead to constant motion – go, go, go!

Or you’re so anxious and overwhelmed by the energies that you don’t even want to take the risk.

Sound familiar?

The good news is, there are simple ways to heal the energies you have taken on and simple ways to protect your energy.

It all starts with deepening your intuition and tuning in to what your heart needs.

This is something that can feel so foreign if you have been a people-pleasing empath all your life but, trust me, it gets easier the more you do it.

As you build your intuition, you can begin to focus on your dreams and desires, build some healthy boundaries, and have the rich, full life you desire.

One that inspires others, helps them, and puts you in a position to impact the world the way you know you were meant to.

So, where to start?

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Light and love,