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Welcome to November! You made it through a new month – high five!

This week’s oracle card reading feels like an overall message for the month ahead as well as guidance for the upcoming seven days.

No surprise that the cards ask you to connect with your community, as COVID has isolated us all to a certain extent. That isolation has most of us feeling soooo depleted as we near the end of this terribly trying year. So reach out – connect not only with the people you love and trust in your bubble, but also with your ancestors and departed loved ones.

Ask for some help or talk it out and remind yourself how good it feels to have a really good vent-session with someone you trust.

It is tough for us mamas to feel heard sometimes. Despite having little ones that ask a million questions, our souls still feel unseen, so voice those feelings and concerns and feel their weight lifted.

The second card this week asks you to discipline yourself and stop sweating the small stuff. Raising kids is HARD. Really HARD. It is relentless and can really grate on you, so understand this and when your kids start pushing your buttons, take a deep breath and ask yourself if what is driving you crazy will really matter in 6 months? Or hell, how about 6 hours? Do you have to stress about the mess? Or about the particular way they are doing something that is not necessarily the way you’d do it?

If it will matter, then give yourself a time out to calm down before you use your words to communicate that. If you are super frustrated, it’s a great opportunity to call your people or pray. If not, let it go! (this message reiterates last week’s guidance and builds on the powerful pull of the full moon that we just experienced Halloween night).

Bonus bottom card this week is priorities, and pushes the question: what really matters to you? What do you really need this month and this week? What are your hopes for November? How can you stay sane?

Share your plans in the comments below, and have a wonderful week!

This week’s mama mantra is: I focus on the things that really matter to me.

Big love,