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This week’s angel message for mamas video isn’t the softest, calling us out and asking you and I to look at the things in our past and present that are pissing us off. What is making you angry? What has made you mad in the past? People? Situations? The way things turned out (or didn’t go as planned)?

One of the important messages I love to share with spiritual women is that anger is normal. It is a perfectly healthy emotion. You are human, and feeling anger and frustration and the lower emotions on the vibrational scale (link to blog) is part of the human experience. Too many people in the spiritual community treat anger and sadness like a form of leprosy.

So go ahead and feel your frustration this week! Get it out! Punch a pillow, journal your pain, talk to someone (last week’s guidance), or write a letter with all those yucky feelings in it and then burn it or trash it.

Doing so should help you feel lighter and should help your heart feel more open to all the love in your world. Remember, you are made of love! Love flows through your cells and in and out with every breath you take. Use this week’s mantra if you struggle with believing in your worthiness for great love.

I struggle with feeling this worth deep in more core and it’s one of the main reasons I am writing my next book. I need to learn how to better embrace all the good in my life so my girls grow up without that struggle. The last thing I want to do is pass down my insecurities and limiting beliefs to them. If this resonates with you, stay tuned! I will have pre-orders ready for book #4 by Christmas-time!

This week’s mama mantra is: I am lovable. Say it again and again! Believe it, beauties!

Lots of love, coming your way.