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Fear is running rampant in our world right now. The Coronavirus (and the media’s coverage of it) have filled humans with a sense of dread, uncertainty, anxiety, paranoia and stress. It is definitely a time of upheaval, adding to the already challenging January and February most experienced.

Yes, the start of 2020 has been a butt-kicker and in terms of the spiritual realm, most people are disconnected and letting the fearful ego take over. Yet in times like this, spiritual tools and practices are needed more than ever. It is important that you remember your Divinity, your power and your greater purpose here on this Earth. Especially if you have little ones looking to you for direction amidst all this chaos.

Here are five simple ways you can cultivate optimism when it feels like hope is lost:


  1. Remember: nothing is permanent.

This might seem a bit “doom and gloom” to start this list off, but it really does tend to help when you get swallowed into the media’s coverage of terrible events, or get stuck in your own anxiety and painful patterns.

Affirm: “This too shall pass. Life one year from now will look very different than it does today.”

Change is inevitable and, if you look back on the other times in your life where you were scared, paralyzed with uncertainty, or feeling overwhelmed by it all, you will notice that you not only survived but likely came out the other side with renewed strength and clarity. As a mom, one of the best reminders of this is to look back to when you first became a parent. Remember how fearful you were? Nervous? Terrified you were going to screw it up? Looking back hopefully reminds you of your resiliency and your determination to make it through even the worst of times Which leads me to my second tip:

  1. Understand that, without struggle, there is no expansion.

As mentioned, it is often your most painful struggles in life that help you grow the most. The challenges you face offer amazing opportunities for your soul to learn, mature and transform. There is no “rising from the ashes” without getting burned. Or, in a more spring-appropriate metaphor: you have to till the soil to plant the seeds.

When things get stirred up and fear creeps in, it is often because you are meant to address it. What is this conflict teaching you? How can you learn from this and evolve into a kinder, wiser and more compassionate person?

Affirm: “I am strong and resilient. This challenge is unfolding beauty in my life.”

With my new-parent example, for those of you who have more than one child, you can see how much you learned that first time around. The second baby is way less stressful (usually lol). Looking for the silver lining is not always easy, but always brings with it acceptance and a heightened sense of control in an otherwise chaotic situation.

  1. Breathe into your present power.

Far too often, most of us get caught up in the uncertainty of the future and forget about our power in this moment. Choice is a gift and what you decide to do today is what truly matters. When feelings of overwhelm take over, the easiest thing you can do is take a few deep breaths. Breathing slows the heart rate and floods the body with good-feeling chemicals and oxygen.

Breathing deeply quiets the chaos in the mind and makes room for comfort, peace and inspiration. That inspiration can guide you to actions and advice to help you through the day and potentially help overcome the hurdles you face.

Affirm: “I do my best in the present moment. I always have a choice and I choose to see love, hope and opportunity.”

Many posts I have seen of those quarantined during this Coronavirus pandemic have shared the benefits a quarantine can bring: the opportunity to connect with your family (those you live with or virtually/by phone); the time to spend on your favourite hobbies; more time to meditate and develop a spiritual practice; time to exercise and honour your body with rest, intuition and good food; the opportunity for daily dance parties; the incentive to de-clutter and clean up your home; less environmental stress on the Earth; and much more. I know that with kids, “spare time” is often a rarity, but try to see the small blessings in every day.

When we shift our focus to the present moment, it is easier to see the opportunities and love that surround us.

  1. Reach out to those you love.

Connection is key. Especially in times of crisis and stress, most people tend to pull back from others. But we need to connect and even if you are self-isolating, it is important you reach out virtually or by phone to those you love. It is a win-win. We all want to feel needed and helpful, so if you are struggling, connect with someone you can talk to. Have a virtual coffee date with your mom friends, set up chats with grandparents so they can see your kiddos – it’ll make everyone smile, I guarantee it!

I know no one wants to be a burden, but those you love want you to be happy and would gladly help. In my book, Boundaries and Bucket-Filling, I write about giving the opportunity to those you love to feel helpful and uplifting. It feels good to be there for someone we care about.

Affirm: “I am surrounded by love and connected to everyone. My happiness is their happiness. It feels good to connect.”

Some of the most heart-warming posts I have seen during this pandemic show family members connecting with their older relatives and parents through the window of their care home, talking on the phone or holding up signs to let them know how much they are loved. There is also beautiful videos of those in isolation out on their balconies, singing to (or with) their neighbours, playing musical instruments, exercising together, reading stories to each other, etc. Ah-may-zing. The other truly amazing thing about a crisis like this is the people who step up to help others. We are reminded how deeply interconnected we all are and I think that is a wonderful thing.

  1. Set intentions, pray, and visualize what you truly desire.

When overwhelmed and full of fear, it is hard to see the big picture. The future becomes very uncertain and having a “wish list” in the midst of a pandemic can seem silly. Yet as we already noted, this too shall pass and when it does, what will come next?

Taking time to sit, think, pray, and set some intentions on how you want to feel in the future can send out powerful healing vibrations into the ethers. It also grounds you into your power (see #3) and taps you into the hope that lies within all of us. Prayer can alleviate stress and help heal a sense of hopelessness. Plus, daydreaming of brighter days is fun! It takes us out of the stress and into a brighter, happier possibility. Yes, please! So what will this spring bring for you? What seeds are you planting and nurturing? What do you want to create more of for yourself and your family?

Affirm: “I see the bigger picture and imagine the happy days to come. I see myself radiant, healthy and full of joy. And so it is.”


With the Spring Equinox just around the corner, it is the perfect time to shift your focus to possibility, magic and the potential this new season brings. Plus, warmer weather – woohoo!

Hang in there mamas!

Healing light and love to you and yours,



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