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Log Out & Tune In: Social Media Detox

Log Out & Tune In: Social Media Detox

As a mom of two small children who is self-isolating and trying to stay relaxed and calm amidst the global Coronavirus pandemic, I have been struggling with my relationship to social media. On the one hand, it is a place to feel connected to those I cannot physically...

5 Ways to Cultivate Optimism

5 Ways to Cultivate Optimism

Fear is running rampant in our world right now. The Coronavirus (and the media's coverage of it) have filled humans with a sense of dread, uncertainty, anxiety, paranoia and stress. It is definitely a time of upheaval, adding to the already challenging January and...

Angel Numbers Cheat Sheet

Angel Numbers Cheat Sheet

We notice numbers everywhere – on houses, street signs, bills, our phones, digital clocks, price tags, in the newspaper, etc – and sometimes our angels will use these numbers to try and tell us something.  Chances are, at one point in your life you have noticed a...

Angel Guidance: March 2020

Angel Guidance: March 2020

January & February of 2020 have been ROUGH. So many have been struggling, feeling low, and wondering WTF is up with this new decade? The good news is, March brings an energy of peace, as you have moved through a lot of your pain and are asked to let go of the...

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