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You are Magical, Mama!

The Spiritual Side of Motherhood

Be More Present, Playful & Patient During the Messiness, Monotony & Mayhem of Motherhood

Feel the much-needed love & strength of your angels

Feel your heart ignited and your mind calmed with my free 8 minute guided meditation:

Latest From Lisa

3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Energy

3 Simple Steps to Boost Your Energy

Kids are the ultimate energy-sucks, and being a spiritual mama means keeping your energy as high as you can. Sometimes the stresses and demands of life with littles can feel too much. If you can relate (and honestly, is there a mom out there who can't?), try these...

3 Ways to Build Your Self-Worth

3 Ways to Build Your Self-Worth

This week's angel message for mamas video isn't the softest, calling us out and asking you and I to look at the things in our past and present that are pissing us off. What is making you angry? What has made you mad in the past? People? Situations? The way things...

Pick Your Battles

Pick Your Battles

Welcome to November! You made it through a new month - high five! This week's oracle card reading feels like an overall message for the month ahead as well as guidance for the upcoming seven days. No surprise that the cards ask you to connect with your community, as...

Let Go of Judgments & Open Your Heart

Let Go of Judgments & Open Your Heart

Welcome to the first of many Angel Messages for Mamas! With all the chaos and crazy going on in the world, I thought we mamas can use all the guidance we can get! One of the biggest struggles that most of the mamas I know face is feeling judged - whether it comes from...

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